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In Defence of Conservative Government in Poland And Everywhere

Thank God, Poland no longer has a government of liers, thieves and jihadi-lovers, which was the liberal government of the PO political party. But now the liberal lying media is started its machine to criticize the new government from all sides, with a non-stopping barrage of criticism, lies and fake-news, designed to put the evil back into power. In light of these events, I decided to make a comparison bellow to show how much we are better off with a conservative government instead and expose all the evil done by the previous liberal/leftist government:

PiS Government (2016-present)PO Government (2007-2015)
Program 500+, which means 6000 PLN netto, which if you had to work would be at least 10.000 PLN brutton of income to achieve 6000 PLN netto due to the need to pay taxes.Stole our OFE, a loss of 7% of our Brutto salary every month due to the thievery of the liberal government
Voted Against the Islamization of Europe, a measure which was aproved in the EU Parliament to bring 120.000 young male muslims, among them murders and jihadists to Europe under the pretext that they are refugees.
Conclusion: PiS protects us
Voted In Favor of the Islamization of Europe, which caused Poland to be obligued to receive 10.000 young man from muslim countries, among them people such as half of the Paris Mass-Murderers were refugees registred in Greece.
Conclusion: PO, Merkel, Nowoczesna, couldn't care less if we all die in a jihadist attack. Maybe that's their exact plan?
Will stop thieves from PO from stealing buildings in the afera reprywatyzacyjnaPO nominated Stanisław Rymar to the trybunał konstytucyjny, the same men which claims to have old documents proving that he owns many buildings in Warsaw city center and with the cumplicity of the liberal PO government in the city he took ownership of those buildings and expelled the people living there to sell the buildings at a profit. This is thievery, typical of liberal government.
Government Deficit of PiS Government is 2.8% in 2016, so lower than the deficit under PO.Government Deficit averaged 4% in PO Government (2008-2015). Source
GDP Growth, from official European Union data of 3.5% in 2016 and projected 3.5% in 2017. This is much better than in PO government times. Source

I'd like to disclaim however that the idea that the Government is the responsible for GDP Growth is not correct. A Marxist government can destroy growth, but you can't magically generate growth. The best you can do is follow Capitalism, then the economy has its own rythim of ups and downs. But some people criticized GDP under PiS government, so I decided to prove them wrong.
GDP Growth, averaged 3.13% in PO Government (2008-2015), so lower than in the current government. Source
PiS is finally fixing the errors of the previous government and Katowice-Kraków and Warszawa-Lublin-Kielce are being modernized in the new perspective of the EU program Infrastructure and Environment.Incompetent PO government was unable to execute the modernization of a few of the most important sections of railway in Poland: (1) Katowice-Kraków and (2) Warszawa-Lublin-Kielce, which were under modernization since 2007 already, but due to incompetence not even 10% of the works were done, which lead to the loss of 4 billion PLN in European Union funds. Not to mention that thousands of people had to travel 2 hours from Katowice to Krakow by rail, wasting the time of the passengers. Source
PiS stopped the plans to close the coal mines.

It also stopped the dangerous and insane plans of creating an atomic powerplaint which risked our lives. Source
The PO Government wanted to close Coal Mines, which would cause thousands in Slask region to lose their way of living and sustaining their families.

Besides that it also wanted to create a dangerous atomic powerplan, which risked creating a polish Fukushima, since atomic power can easily lead to accidents and contamination, generating birth defects and cancer.

But there is nothing special about Poland, all over the world, Liberal Government is just lies, thievery, and murder.

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