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Against Liberalism in Poland and in the World

Thank God, Poland no longer has a government of liers, thieves and jihadi-lovers, and I decided to make a comparison bellow to show the most important things that have improved in the last year and a half, and expose the evil of the previous liberal/leftist government:

PiS Government (2016-present) PO Government (2007-2015)
Program 500+, which means 6000 PLN netto, which if you had to work would be at least 10.000 PLN brutton of income to achieve 6000 PLN netto due to the need to pay taxes. Stole our OFE, a loss of 7% of our Brutto salary every month due to the thievery of the liberal government
Voted Against the Islamization of Europe, a measure which was aproved in the EU Parliament to bring 120.000 young male muslims, among them murders and jihadists to Europe under the pretext that they are refugees.
Conclusion: PiS protects us
Voted In Favor of the Islamization of Europe, which caused Poland to be obligued to receive 10.000 young man from muslim countries, among them people such as half of the Paris Mass-Murderers were refugees registred in Greece.
Conclusion: PO, Merkel, Nowoczesna, couldn't care less if we all die in a jihadist attack. Maybe that's their exact plan?
Will stop thieves from PO from stealing buildings in the afera reprywatyzacyjnaPO nominated Stanisław Rymar to the trybunał konstytucyjny, the same men which claims to have old documents proving that he owns many buildings in Warsaw city center and with the cumplicity of the liberal PO government in the city he took ownership of those buildings and expelled the people living there to sell the buildings at a profit. This is thievery, typical of liberal government.
Government Deficit of PiS Government is 2.8% in 2016, so lower than the deficit under PO. Government Deficit averaged 4% in PO Government (2008-2015). Source
GDP Growth, from official European Union data of 3.5% in 2016 and projected 3.5% in 2017. This is much better than in PO government times. Source

I'd like to disclaim however that the idea that the Government is the responsible for GDP Growth is not correct. A Marxist government can destroy growth, but you can't magically generate growth. The best you can do is follow Capitalism, then the economy has its own rythim of ups and downs. But some people criticized GDP under PiS government, so I decided to prove them wrong.
GDP Growth, averaged 3.13% in PO Government (2008-2015), so lower than in the current government. Source

But there is nothing special about Poland, all over the world, Liberal Government is just lies, thievery, and murder. Here is a small list of what is happening in the world, the evil and horror that Liberal Media and Liberal Government brings:

Conservative Media & Conservative Government Liberal Media & Liberal Government
Conservatives are fighting to end Racial Quotas in South Africa, Brazil in the United States, which is nothing else than racial discrimination against white people.

Conclusion: Conservatives fight for our people, while Liberals fight to oppress us.
Liberal governments in South Africa, Brazil and the United States of America have all created racial quotas in Universities, Government Jobs (excluding USA) and in the selection of companies to execute public works (in USA only), which will actively discriminate against a qualified white candidate to fill a quota of blacks (or black-owned business in USA in some states). In the USA private companies also follow this policy of racial oppression, calling this "insisting on diversity". They will select a worse black candidate just because he is black. This is not diversity, this is pure and simply racial discrimination, persecution and the worse injustice I suffered in my life. Consider also that there is no single black country which has quotas for whites.

Conclusion: Liberals hate white people.
Conservative government in Italy (Berlusconi) didn't allow hordes of africans to cross in boats to Italy. Conservative Spain and Hungary, built a fence to stop the invading horders from illegaly infiltrating our land without a visa.

Conclusion: Conservatives are the only ones working to avoid a future where our children are persecuted by Somali Jihadists.
The liberal European Union government, viciously attacked both Spain and Hungary because of their fencing program, and because they wouldn't let jihadists enter Europe to kill people. Satan had his way and Italy elected a new Leftist Government, which is allowing 500.000 africans to cross from Africa to Italy every year! The liberals in Germany settled 1 million muslims in 2015 alone! The leftists in Greece allow anyone to cross and stay in Greece or go further into Europe, because the leftists hate our continent.

Conclusion: Liberals want our children to live in a place were Somali Jihadists are the majority
Exposed the truth, that the Cologne 2015 attacks were rapes commited by muslim young refugees.The liberal media and the liberal-controlled Police hided that thousands of rapes occured in Germany by refugees.
Exposed the truth, that the in the United Kingdom, 1400 children were raped by pakistani men in only 1 city: Rotherham.

Source: Wikipedia, Independent, Telegraph

"Child I was raped and sexually assaulted aged 11. She regularly went missing and was frequently raped by older males. Such were concerns over her safety that she was put into care, only to be further abused and exploited. She suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and self-harmed. Child F was subjected to repeated rapes and sexual exploitation by different perpetrators, none of whom were brought to justice."
The leftist Rotherham city government ordered the Police to allow pakistani men to rape thousands of children as young as 12!!!

"Child B, 15..was once doused in petrol and told she would be set alight. Child H was 12 when she was found drunk at the back of a car with a suspected paedophile...she had been raped by adult men. Social services assessed her as being at no further risk. Less than a month later she was found in a derelict house with another child and a number of adult men. She was arrested for being drunk and disorderly and no other arrests were made. A number of children were reported to be getting into cars with strangers and getting paid in return for performing sex acts."

Conservative governments, unlike liberal ones, protect their citizens against hordes of invaders which illegally cross borders.Leftist government made Sweden the Rape Capital of the World
Wants to expose the truth that Liberals killed a lot of people in history: Napoleon was a liberal and he killed millions. The US liberal government dropped atomic bombs in a Japan ready to surrender. The liberals never talk about the fact that blacks owned black slaves, never mentions the fact that many Amerindians Supported the Portuguese/Spanish rule and accepted Christ and Fought together with us against pagan indians. Always talk about Crusades, Slavery, Nazis killing Jews and the alleged genocide of amerindians, but never talks about the Haiti Genocide of Whites by Blacks, never mentions that Blacks and Muslims also had Black Slaves, never talks about the Genocide of Christians by Muslims (Armenian Genocide, Greek Genocide, Assyrian Genocide), Never talks about how Jihadists conquered North Africa, Turkey, etc, imposing sharia and jizia and killing "infidels".

Conclusion: Their cherry-picking of things about which they don't care and things that they care about in history, shows a deep Anti-European Bias, rooted in a deep hate and desire to persecute our people.
Conservative governments of Russia and Iran are fighting against the scourge of Saudi and Barack Obama backed sunii jihadists in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. A liberal, Barack Obama, received a peace prize, despite the fact that he supported Saudi-backed Jihadists in both Syria and Yemen. Barack Obama provided over 15 thousand TOW anti-tank missiles which were a key weapon that allowed jihadists to gain territory in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, in this territory they commited a genocide against Yazidis and Shiites, besides persecuting, killing and expelling Christians. That the liberals gave the weapons to the jihadists makes them partially guilty of this genocide.

And in the end some links of other sources that expose the evil of Liberalism and Leftism:

* Breitbart
* Blog from one of the founders of Paypal: http://unqualified-reservations.blogspot.com/2008/04/open-letter-to-open-minded-progressives.html

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